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Website Issues

I’ve been having ongoing issues with my website for about 3-4 days.
I needed to upload information, but was stranded.
I use the website to make a livelihood.

The web developer has been updated on this recurring problem severally.
He made efforts at short notice, and outside work hours to try and resolve it.

What will you do as his customer?

Shout at him?
Make suggestions?
Leave him to deal with it?
Make follow on checks with him?
Start cursing and abusing?
Sack him and get another?
Be patient?
Reshuffle your work itinerary?
Take him to court for negligence?
Ask what the problem is, and how soon it could be sorted?
Get a hammer and destroy your computer?
Transfer your aggression on those around you?

Will your response to this problem be positive or negative?
Will it be constructive or destructive?
Which of the above will you tick?
There could be even more options.

If the problem isn’t sorted immediately,
Will the heavens tumble?
Will it be life threatening?
Are there other options?

What’s your mindset?

The good news is that I seized the opportunity to do other important things.
And he eventually sorted the problem.
And he wasn’t the cause of the problem.


©Jack Lookman Limited

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