The Empowerment Event- Mindset

I was part of an organising committee for my local charity, working as a volunteer to deliver an empowerment event.

One of my roles, was to invite a public speaker to talk on affiliate marketing opportunities.

He attended on time,  and arrived with his very expensive car.

Apart from his talk on opportunities, he also marketed his products and services, which included training.

Days before the event; the entrepreneur in me, caused me to do a deal with him, to give me a commission from any sales made.

On the surface, there was nothing wrong with this. After all, I was not being financially compensated for my efforts, for the toil and sweat with the charity organisation.

About a day or two to the event; I changed my mind.

I told him not to bother paying me any commission.

Even though I needed money; I felt it was not morally right.

It was more of a conflict of interest.

If the cart got let out of the bag, I couldn’t defend such a position.

Some other thoughts that came to mind, were:

Even though I wasn’t legally compelled not to take any such money, my conscience would have pricked me for a while.

It just did not seem morally right!

What would have happened if the charity organisation got to know?

What would have happened to my hard earned reputation?

What if he made sales, and told me that he did not?

What if he blackmailed me?

What if he made a fool of me, by making me make endless visits to his office?

What if, after all the hassle, he gives me less than my transport fare?

The event was successful. He went his way, and our paths have not crossed.

I held my head high, keeping my integrity intact. I also have good night’s sleep.

Now, please tell me what you would have done in such a situation?

What would have been your justification for your doings?

Has something similar happened to you?

What were your thoughts and experience?

Were you able to draw the lines between greed, business, conscience and morals?


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