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The Business of Digital Book Reviews

The Business of Digital Book Reviews

Are you looking for top tips for succeeding and getting financial freedom? Unfortunately, the best way of making money with magic formulas is to sell them to people who are looking for them!

Here are the basics from an honest perspective. You could take my plan and follow it or use it as the basis for yours. I will guide you through the maze, pointing out the traps and pitfalls, but also the opportunities. After taking what you need, be free to come back for more. Hopefully, this information will make your business a success. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

Your own business – the what, the why, the how of Book Reviewing
Setting up a new business requires you to have realistic, accurate information. Much of this will come from the books you intend to buy, mainly because they are your initial point of reference. Unfortunately, an online site such as Amazon has short reviews with misleading stars and some retailers offering discounts for positive reviews.
There’s a niche for honest, reliable, engaging book reviews – and many ways to put this information across, such as blogs, YouTube videos, email lists, Facebook groups, and online interviews. People need information. As a book reviewer, you could quickly establish yourself as a thought-leader in this sector!

Planning is Key
Every new business needs a plan. Understand your aims, goals, funding, and development. They say proper preparation prevents poor performance! Begin thinking about how you will expand successfully. Also, ensure your business is legally sound from the beginning. Ensure your brand is trademarked and your tax details are completed properly.
Your name is the professional face of your business – and you. It should be short, memorable, and easily searchable. Find a strong brand identifier and ensure it’s free. Do this research thoroughly and carefully.
Once you have the idea, consider your niche. Too exclusive and you won’t engage a wide enough audience. Find something you like and are passionate about. For instance, researching and focusing on personalities like Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, and Ben Okri will give you a sustainable market of passionate supporters of Nigerian literature. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

The People
Staffing – at the start – will be only you. However, if you lack the skills, expertise, and knowledge to produce your content, then look for freelancers. You can hire, rehire, change, and adapt these professionals as you see fit.
Find freelancers through recognised sources –,,,, etc. Carefully analyse these people’s profiles and records and remember that cheap options may give you a cheap product. You can find writers, animators, video producers and editors, even reviewers. A long-term contract isn’t necessary for the freelancer option – a single or phased payment is enough. Also, look to relevant Facebook groups – fan pages, forums, pages. Other sources may be LinkedIn, fan web pages and forums, and your contacts.
Unfortunately, search engine optimisation can be expensive. Everyone wants their website to appear on the first page of Google. If you’re using freelancers, then ask for references and proof. Also, place performance indicators on your website to get important information (such as where people are coming from and their browsers) that will help you target an audience and develop them effectively.
If you can’t find people who feel comfortable in front of the camera, choose podcasts or learn from Disney animations! Again, you can hire in specific skills for specific tasks, or become a DIYer (which may require increased investment in software, hardware, and your time).
Using freelancers who prefer to remain anonymous can be a great option. Whether you’re using a ghostwriter or animation expert, be sure to strike an agreement early on. Also, try to meet regularly with your team.

Moreover, be in control of your team – put in place legal agreements to protect everyone’s rights and responsibilities. If you use freelancers, specify the ownership of the work and any non-disclosure agreements you expect to be in place. If you struggle with these, hire a freelancer to produce them!
Lead and manage your permanent or long-term staff properly. While training and team-building help to develop their skills, incentives are key. As you expand and become more successful, look after your staff, or they may jump ship and leave you.
Ensure intellectual ownership of work is clear from the start. Engage legal advice before signing anything to avoid signing away your rights and agreeing to excessive responsibility. This will demonstrate your professional approach and will avoid conflict later on.
You may need to consider joint ventures or shared approaches once your business grows. Again – legally, make sure you are fully protected. Avoid over-committing your exposure without protection. Ensure all parties accept and properly record profit-sharing, cost-sharing, and workloads.
You could also consider a mentor. They can advise on pitfalls and potentials and significantly speed up your progress, though at a cost. However, as you progress, you can offer the same service. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

The Money
Can you access the Internet? Then explore your ability to create, edit, and upload your content. This can limit capital expenditure and help you work from anywhere! Especially, TikTok and Instagram can help you produce on the go using your smartphone. Become an “influencer” if you feel that you can add value this way.
An extremely limited budget can work. However, if you want investments, you need to know the sources. Whether you’re looking to friends, family members, crowd-funding or banks, you need to be comfortable with their terms and conditions. Remember, with a professional and well-thought business plan, you can easily persuade financiers that you’re the right person to fund.
After setting up your business, look to make a profit from it. Investigate and carefully choose income streams like affiliate marketing. Remember, too many irrelevant adverts will put people off and send them elsewhere. You could set up a link to Amazon and earn money when someone clicks and buys the book from your site. The same applies to other affiliate programs.

Reinvest your income in buying equipment, training staff, recruiting new staff, etc for your business to survive and expand. Be disciplined in setting money aside for this as soon as possible. Otherwise, everything will stall once your equipment breaks down and you cannot replace it. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

The Strategy
Do you have other businesses? Then drive customers between your various landing points. Including a relevant link on one site could push/pull customers. Just don’t drive them from a book review to holiday insurance!
One person or a panel of reviewers could carry out the actual book review. The panel should be well chosen, well briefed, and well-rehearsed. Ensure your approach is on point to earn repeat, loyal customers who will raise your profile and bring you to the attention of authors and publishers.
Carefully consider the questions your panel will ask to avoid surprises! You can co-write them to get the right questions that lead to informative answers. Don’t just hope that every reviewer will remember all questions!
Consider how often you want to publish your reviews and let your audience know, to avoid annoying your followers with daily emails or reminders and too many or excessively long reviews! Your review should be memorable and utmost an hour long. To engage, retain, and leverage your customers, ask them what they want and go with that.

Set SMART targets in your marketing plan. Full-page adverts in national media will miss your target audience, be very expensive, and probably not result in a good return on investment, (ROI). Look to relationships like mutual advertising and author sites. Each item should have a plan. Engage expert advice at the start. Target authors with a low email engagement rate using blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

The Books
If your niche or sector has daily book publications, then find information about the authors and quality, mostly from Amazon best-seller lists. Set alerts on authors on Amazon to get advance notice of publishing dates. Build a relationship so you can ask for early copies to review. This way, your review will go public on the publishing date before competitors gain ground. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

The Leverage
Do you have a Facebook group? Then advertise your reviews and the books, inviting feedback. Authors and publishers will want to access your network of customers because they need to advertise. This relationship can prove advantageous.
Once your business takes off, ensure you stay ahead of the pack. Of course, they will be keenly observing your steps and seeing your success. If what they’re doing looks effective, apply it to your business!

Always choose books that interest your followers. If you become well known and respected for reviewing business books, stay there, focus on your expertise, and become an influencer in that area. Avoid confusing your followers and putting them off your next reviews by switching niches.
Instagram may be an option for very “soundbite”-targeted work. Following this route requires you to focus on your “hashtags” – Instagram is the master platform in this! Use a free hashtag generator website to hit the right hashtags and the recommendations will “push” people based on that. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:


The Income Funnels
Associations with authors and publishers are central to earning respect. Other media outlets (even nationally) can pick up your reviews. Another income stream could be to release “Best of…” compilations of your best reviews! People can have a one-stop-shop for an author for whom you have pooled together reviews for at least five of their books.
When your follower base grows, approach organisations for sponsorship or adverts. You can also approach indirect competitors and suggest a working relationship, recommending their services or reviews in return for the same.
A short eBook can be an effective way of getting your business to a wider audience. You could produce your story or a book of your thoughts. Some companies will offer these for free but include clickable links to other suitable products for purchase.
If you want to franchise your concept, then ensure it is legally controlled and managed to protect your brand and income. This area and stage of expansion requires very specialist legal considerations and proper legal advice! Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

Monetising your work is an area you need to investigate, especially with YouTube. Include links on YouTube to drive customers to your other websites, uploaded videos, and sources. Create enough impact and you may get a sponsorship.
As your footprint enlarges and you become an influencer in your field, books, eBooks, public speaking, and guest columns will come. Choose carefully how you represent yourself. Once you become better known, your competitors will trawl through your history to find things you have said or done and use them against you.
Understanding negotiation skills when arranging deals is key. Engage a skilled negotiator if you’re not sure of yourself. Protect your rights but do it in a way that you build your respect in the market.
Once you have a respected name and a big enough following, paid engagement is a natural step, especially with webinars. Be ready for more challenging questions when that comes. You can also invite others to participate in these for a share of the fees and a chance to advertise their niche. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

Tying it Together
Regardless of how good your business proposal is, you must work at it. Build your relationships and contacts and conduct market research. Also, fight to keep your standards high.
In a world where information is key, accessibility and availability of learning are crucial. Offer exceptional value and people will engage. Direct them to new learning and understanding using podcasts, videos, films, eBooks, etc.

Also, develop a reputation for being accurate and honest. However, if a publisher believes you will negatively review a book, they may avoid you. Aim to be positive and to find the good in everything. Try to appeal to as many as possible. Engage and develop followers for publishers and authors to see you as an influencer.
So, you have the idea, plan, sector, and passion. You know where you want to go and how to get there. That’s all it takes to succeed. It’s now up to you to make that first step into business – and hopefully into a successful venture. I am always here to help and mentor your journey. I want to share in your success and become a part of it. Purchase the more detailed book by clicking this link:

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Disclaimer: This write up is fundamentally an idea. You need to research, consult, and exhibit due diligence. Nothing is guaranteed, but there are apparent great potentials.

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