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Is Cheap, Always Economical?

Sometimes, as we venture into purchasing a good or service, we run into various prices.

Some are ridiculously cheap, some are ridiculously high, while others maintain a reasonable quote.

We then run into the dilemma of making a choice.

The cheap one looks very attractive and tempting.

But are we sure it will last?

Even though it is four times cheaper than the expensive one, would we end up replacing it ten times, to enjoy the value and longevity of the expensive one?

On the other hand, some expensive ones are priced-up because of the brand.

The quality may not be much more than the average one; but because it is being labelled by a trusted brand, the price is increased.

Some end up purchasing such at the premium price.

In some cases, the same product is sold with different labels and different prices, but the customer is non the wiser.

The question, then, is:

Which product or service should we purchase?

In my opinion, it is a judgement call.

In making a decision, you should weigh your experience and instinct.

Sometimes, cheap is actually expensive and expensive, is not always ‘expensive’.

As you progress through the industry of purchase; you’ll get used to making the right choices.

Though you may not get it right all of the time; you probably will, most of the time.

I wish you blessings.


Olayinka N O Carew a.k.a Jack Lookman

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