Gift Value


Is the value of a penny gift, from a pauper
The same as a penny gift from a prince?

Is the gift of food to someone who is full
The same as that, to someone who is starving?

 Is the gift of water from a thirsty person
The same as from one who is drunk? 

Is the gift from a miser after death
The same as the gift while he is alive? 

Is the gift with a smile and compassion
The same as one with a frown of arrogance?

 Is the value of the gift at the time of need
The same as that, when it is irrelevant?

 Is an unselfish gift from the depth of the heart
The same as one in exchange for a return?

 Is the value of the fish giver,
The same as the fisherman teacher?

 Is the value of a gift from pain and empathy
The same from one who’s never experienced it?

 Is the value of knowledge, the same
Whether it’s shared or not?

 Is a gift the value of a ‘gift’
Irrespective of the time or circumstance?

Or does a gift always remain a ‘gift’
No matter the whys, the hows and the when?

 ©Jack Lookman Limited

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