Critics- Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

This narrative is inspired by conversations on one of my whatsapp groups.


There’s also reference to the late Bob Marley’s song: Who the cap fits


A colleague in government was celebrating the newly commissioned rail service. From Lagos to Ibadan in Nigeria.


This  project is apparently a great solution to a very long standing problem.


It also has great potential to yield income for government and create jobs.



Another friend on the platform made some critical remarks.


In my opinion, they were very legitimate.


The government colleague then went on the defensive, displaying emotions. Complaining that as a people, we are never satisfied.



The point that I’m trying to make, is that, with whatever product or service we offer, we don’t always get it perfect at the first attempt; no matter how good our intentions are.


Along the way, we’ll come across critics; either good, bad or ugly.


Some will criticize and proffer solutions. Some will not proffer solutions, but give food for thought. Some others are just spoilers; generally finding anything and everything wrong. If they don’t find the wrong, they might create the wrong.


The other day, in one of my Community groups, we had a survey. Amongst other questions, we asked for suggestions on improvements.


Some made suggestions.



In the following question, where we asked if they were willing to be part of instruments in effecting changes; they mostly declined.



As an Entrepreneur, I recognize the value of critics.


They help you perfect your product or service.


They create perspectives that were either overlooked or unseen by you.


Even though the natural tendency is to resent criticism; the truth is that if handled well, it could end as an asset rather than a liability.


You could think of the half glass of water as half empty or half full.


You could react as an optimist or pessimist.


Bob Marley mentioned that your best friend could be your worst enemy; and vice-versa.


Would you rather embrace and leverage criticism; and reap the rewards?


Or you prefer those who will continue to hail and add no value whatsoever?


I hope that this narrative resonates with Politicians, Entrepreneurs and others.


©️Jack Lookman Limited- 14/06/2021

Olayinka N O Carew a.k.a Jack Lookman

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